Paul Biagini Law Firm

Our Services

Our law practitioners help businesses grow to their full potential, and protect them and their business in various aspects.

Litigation And Dispute Resolution

So many organizations fail to respond appropriately to the disputes that arise in the company environment or with their company partners. Disputes in large organizations demand legal intervention, without which the company might take a loss. We handle a range of disputes, including cross-border disputes, high-risk litigations, international arbitration, etc. We leverage practical and effective approaches when it comes to litigation and dispute resolution.

Labor, Employment, And Workplace Safety

It is important for all companies to manage their labor, employment, and workplace safety issues. Our services are aimed at helping companies in their hiring process, managing employees, and safety of employees in the workplace.

For any issues that arise from the employment relationship, our team is always ready to get involved and assist you with a solution. Some of our basic services include policy development, employment advice, support, employee defense, etc.

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Companies and transactions are often affected by environmental, social, and governance. This is which your company requires appropriate environmental and social legal counseling and strategy. You can leverage our counseling to respond better to unpredictable random events, helping your company grow further.

Our team is experienced with these challenges, having worked with so many different companies in the past, and can appropriately assist in various facets of your business.

Employee benefits

We have successfully guided our clients belonging to a range of different companies or industries with issues related to employee benefits. Employee benefits issues are common in corporate transactions and restructuring matters, including ESOPs, health, and wellness benefit plans, retirement plans, multiemployer plans, etc. We also negotiate your cases with various government agencies or address post-transaction issues.


We help both the licensor and the licensee of intellectual property rights and intangible assets. Our specialization extends to license arrangements, including technology, patents, trade dresses, databases, materials, copyrights, software, etc.

Asset Management and Investment Funds

Our Asset Management and Investment Funds services assist various of different sizes to focus more on business procedures. We offer expert advice across jurisdictions, industries, and businesses. By working closely with national regulators and other regulatory authorities of the country our clients belong to, we try to offer more effective services.

Finance Regulatory

Our Finance Regulatory services counseling includes regulations regarding the existing and new regulations to various banks, asset managers, fintech or financial services, investment companies, broker-dealers, and many other companies or professionals.

Our advice is related to securities, banking, commodities, stock exchange, derivatives, future, etc. We work with various relevant teams to offer advice on the legal and regulatory risks and to resolve regulatory investigations and enforcement matters.

Corporate Governance

Corporates faces issues across various departments in their day-to-day lives. Our Corporate Governance services offer regular counseling on these issues, thereby helping the companies face the issues and respond to them appropriately.

All the counseling boards and committees, senior managers, or internal legal teams can benefit from our team’s unique perspective, unique strategies, and plans against issues.

Intellectual Property

Our team offers customized services when it comes to intellectual property litigation. Our Intellectual Property Litigation services protect our clients’ unique ideas, products, technologies, or their brand as a whole. From complex intellectual property litigation to transactions and counseling, we also help our clients with patents, advertising matters, trademarks, etc